Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another one, Vanished

Well it has been about 2 weeks since we realized Pokey is missing. Yeah, I know, I didn't really like him when he was here, but, I really miss him. Ethan calls for him all the time, it makes me so sad. Our other cat Carmen vanished about 1 1/2 years ago. I thought Pokey just wasn't coming home because, Ray, the old guy across the street pays more attention to him and feeds him better food not to mention the weather is nice now, so who needs to come inside.
So we are without any pets right now. Oops, I almost forgot about our fish, BFG, oh wait I mean Flower, Oh wait....hmmm I wonder what his name is today! I will have to ask Merci=)
Time to go get another kitten...ha..yeah right!


Jason said...
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Jason said...

The fish ate the cat. Mystery solved. I mean, it's name was BFG.

Donna said...

Jason, I think you are the only one besides my husband who ever read The BFG!!!!

Kelmo said...

I love the BFG! That was the greatest book ever. James and the Giant Peach was another great one. Ah...good times.

Kimber said...

sorry about the cat - my kids would freak if they couldn't find Duncan!!

And that is so funny about the fishes name - I've been there before :)