Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today as I was coming home from Merci's school I saw about 20 police cars and a news truck at the corner of the next street. I knew I needed to catch the news to see what happened.
A 14 year old boy was shot 2 times. What did this boy do to deserve to get shot? Who told the shooter it was ok to try to take someone else's life? I hate what this world has turned into. I hate idiots who think they have the right to make these decisions. I hate that horrible people ruin harmony for the rest of us.
Will I ever want to take my kids tot he park again? It is a very nice park, it has this water fountain the kids can play in, it is clean, people are pretty friendly. I have always been intimidated by the isolated setting, now I am even more.


Bek said...

o man, that boy was shot at that park you were just telling me about?? thats awful, donna....:(

nursemomof4 said...

It is terrible that we must hesitate to take our children into the public, let alone park setting. I cannot let my children ride their bikes around the block alone, I refuse!

GrammaBear said...

I'm so sorry that happened Donna! May the Lord keep you and the children safe.

The world has changed, sadly so. I remember my childhood, we played freely all over the farm and in the woods. We were never afraid. Our doors were never locked. Then one night there was a murder in a nearby community; for days the police were trying to catch the murderer. We locked our doors, we began to be afraid. The world has not been the same since, for me.
Thank God that we are Christians, and know that our home is with Him, our future is in His hands. This world is coming to an end, but He endures forever.

Kat said...

Wow! i am so sorry!! may God put a hedge of protection around you and your family -- no matter where you go!!!!

p.s. i wish you could buy my house, too :)