Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Long, but Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend!

Friday night was Merci's last Rhythmic Gymnastics class. They performed a little routine for the parents! Hilarious. Granted there wasn't much time put into the routine, because it wasn't a big deal, but nobody was doing the same thing at the same time. It was so cute! I video taped it with my digital camera, but I don't know how to post videos. I will work on finding out!

Saturday we had the Hoftyzer wedding. What a beautiful wedding! Lindsay's dress was awesome! (I feel like my wedding was so blah, compared to the many I have been to since..but I was young and the first to get married out of my group of friends...but I got the man of my dreams and that is ALL that matters!!) I am so excited to see what God has for these 2. Read Rebekah's blog to hear awesome stories of people seeking God at their reception! Amazing!!

Also, my kids spent the night at Grandma's on Saturday, so we could enjoy the reception and not have to hurry home. We got to sleep in past 7 for the first time in forever!! Josh and I had a great Sunday!

Sunday Josh and I went to Circuit City to buy Josh a new toy! We then went to Perkins for breakfast and then to a Flea Market. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute with him!

Other than that there is nothing on our calendar until......June. Pathetic. I know! So if you want to hang out let's make some plans I am bored!


Bek said...

hi donna - glad u guys enjoyed the wedding - sorry i didn't get to talk much - i really felt out of it at the reception i was so tired. and didn't get to go to your wedding (wish i woud've known u then!) but i'm glad u got the man of your dreams, too! and yes, lets do something together, this month! its may already!!!!!!!!
oh, and i didn't know merci was in gymanastics!

Angela said...

Awe, I bet that gymnastics class was too cute, can't wait to see it=)

Jason said...

You have something on your calendar: May 13th, Housewarming party, my place.