Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Think about this

I tell you the truth,
unless you change
become like little
you will
never enter the
kingdom of heaven!

Matthew 18:3

Hmmm, maybe I just got my word for 2006. Child.
No I don't want to have anymore children. But I want to
become a child. In so many ways!

This scripture was on a beautiful Christmas
card (from last year) sent all the way
from Rome by my friend Shanely.

As I went through my cards from last year, this really stood out
to me. On my refrigerator I have a little section where I put pictures.
Most are of little kids, some of the cutest ones ever! (Aiden, Israel,John, Nico, Joseph
Ethan, Merci, Isabelle, Jacob, Riley, Gavin, and Jordan)
So I thought I would put this scripture in the midst of them.

What does this really mean??

I guess it could be one of those scriptures that means something different to each person individually.

Like I have mentioned a few times I want to start a moms group. I felt awhile ago that we should get together and really worship with our kids. I had this mental image of
us sitting there with little kiddie musical instruments, just worshipping
with our little ones. How fun would that be??
I also felt like God gave me a specific phrase CHILDLIKE FAITH.

Hmmm maybe those are my words..Childlike Faith!
(funny how God reveals stuff to us huh? I was just reading Bek's blog thinking..I need a word and walah it is revealed to me as I type this blog)

So what does this scripture mean to you?

To me it is a clear instruction....God giving me a clue!

As I am sitting here I was reminded of my nickname as a child "baby Donna."
My aunts name is Dona (yes only 1 n) so they had to
call me "baby Donna" so no one was confused!
So I want to live this year as "baby Donna."
Because I don't know about you but I wan to
enter the kingdom of


Emily said...

That is so funny you picked this as your theme for the new year. Check out my new blog at emilypowers.com. I recommend a great book for pursuing childlike faith.

Since this is part of my desire for the new year as well, I remember to pray for you as I walk this journey as well!

Bek said...

awesome word for the new year, baby Donna!!!! me, too, me too!

Ben said...

Thanks for posting this Donna, it was very encouraging to me. It is amazing how the Lord uses something like an old Christmas card to strike a cord in our hearts. I am also happy that Aiden has earned a spot on the fridge, next to the other cute babies.

Toni said...

Yes Baby Donna.... what a revaltion

Kimber said...

Precious Baby Donna - I love it!!!

Gina said...

Great choice for word of the year. This is such a great idea.

Jaime said...

I think that it's because children are so pure and innocent - and b/c it is easier for them to believe - to believe in santa, to believe in the tooth fairy, to believe in God!

M. C. Pearson said...

I covered this in the bible study blog that I do with a few other bloggers...just last week! Hmmm...must be telling me something!