Monday, May 24, 2010

what we need to do....

I told you about all we have done around the house, now I need to write down somehwere all the little things we NEED to do:

*finish molding on basement living room
*carpet on wall where cats climb
*touch up paint
*carpet clean
*finish ripping up tiles and paint the rest of the floor
*clean up mess in back room
*sell pool table and pool table light
*sell DJ equipment sitting in back room
*sand and paint steps
*close in back room
*white dresser to tree lawn

*redo all cabinet and appliances...WISH!
*touch up paint
*repaint molding
*deicide to paint cabinets or wait....

*put office back together
*vacuum, sweep, mop floor

Lving Room:
*replace door hardware so the lock doesn fall out everytime you open the door!

*paint hallway-decide color
*paint our room-gray/blue color scheme

E's room:
*NEEDS bigger bed toddler bed too small

And the list goes on.....

We've done a lot since we've moved in and I am super thankful for all the work my hubby does around here!

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GrammaBear said...

This should keep you busy through the summer!