Thursday, May 27, 2010

Results are great!!

Actually good results are great...not bad ones=)

Today is day 22 the gym has been open and that I've been working out...and I obviously have not been to the gym all those 22 days. I think my average is 3 days a week. With sore muscles, field trips with my kids and busy weekends I just can't make it everyday...

I have had 4 workouts with a trainer, and Ill be on my own for now. I will have to start bringing the kids with me so Ill have to pay for the babysitting room, so I don't want to spend the extra money on that AND for a trainer...he wasn't that hot..haha;)

But anyway...back to results...I have lost 1.2% body fat in those 22 days...That is really good!! I am super happy and excited to keep working out hopefully a bit more frequently as well! I can see me in that 2 piece already;) For that vacation in November, right honey??

So my advice to you all out there is to stop looking for
weight loss supplements and workout!!
I am a super lazy person and I have asthma, bad knees and a hurt shoulder and I can do it! You can too!!!!

GO ME!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, go you! I love what working out has done for my body. I'm also ending my trainer time, and will be on my own. I know that I'm not as focused alone as with the trainer, but I CAN DO IT! Go US!