Friday, May 28, 2010

My last day

Today was probably the last day I have to gallivant around town with my hubby while the kids are in school. Unless is rains one day next week...cross your fingers for me!

He was all set to go finish up a project he was working on all by himself since our worker was off today. The he took me out to breakfast, I went to run some errands and when I got home he was here!

We decided we were going to go buy an iPad, but no such luck...all sold out in Ohio...except for the bottom of the line one which doesn't even have we are now on a few waiting lists and will probably have to wait about a month. Oh well.

We came home and had some good conversation about the business and different things we needed to communicate about.

And I even snuck in a good cardio and ab workout at the gym, while he ran a few errands.

He even picked up the kids from school for me!

Dinner is in the oven and then it is off to Merci's softball game, then bedtime and then off to our friends house for the weekend in the morning!

Talk to you soon!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, don't forget why we celebrate this day!

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