Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 more days

The count is down to 6 more days of school...yikes...I have no time is here...Summer break. My break is over!

I feel so sad and happy at the same time that my baby boy is going to be done with Kindergarten.

Kids sound so young and little when you tell people "My son is in Kindergarten" But when you have to say 1st grade, that just doesn't sound so little and young anymore=( They sound so grown up.

Like I've mentioned, our school doesn't do a graduation or anything, but for his accomplishment, I want to treat him to something special. I am hoping to get his friend to be able to sleep over next Friday night and a treat and welcome to Summer vacation (Im going to do this for Merci too)...but I also have something else for my little Kindergartner!!

I have on of THESE to give to him after his last day of school!! I'm excited to give this to him, and hopefully he will share one of the surprises with his sister! Not only am I excited to give him this but I am also excited to be able to educated my kids on traditions of other countries! Can't wait to see what he thinks! Im sure he will want to keep the cool cone and fill it up with some of his toys or more likely since he is a boy, use it as a sword;)

This cool gift is a KinderCone, a big cone shaped box filled with little goodies for my boy! In Germany and Austria they call them Schultute's, They are given on the childrens first day of school in 1st grade!

I peeked!! Inside the Kindercone is a plush toy Karli, the main character in the journal that is also inside, to keep track of all the memories of 1st grade! There are also some pencils and temporary tattoos! I'm also going to add a few little things of my own!

What do you do to celebrate the end of the school year with your kids??

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of KinderCone and received KinderCone samples to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."


GrammaBear said...

Oh that sounds like a fun gift for E! Does he get it now, or when school starts in the fall?

Kinder said...

Vivian Lie is my mother, so I am involved in KinderCone a lot. You can give your child the KinderCone at any time. The Kindergarden graduation, the middle of the summer, or on the first day of school are all perfect and are sure to surprise your child. It includes the journal so your child could start filling it out in the summer if he/she really wanted to.