Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Day 1

The weekend before school started (Aug 15-17) we were finally able to go on a mini vacation.
We left on Saturday and went to the Pittsburgh zoo.
It was nice to visit a different zoo (and for free with our zoo membership!!)

Look at his lip they are hilarious!
I caught him in mid

They had a underwater tunnel where at the polar bear exhibit, and we were fortunate enough to see one swimming around!

Kind of a blurry yet cool picture of Mr Polar bear!

Piranhas at the really nice aquarium.

I miss having penguins at our zoo, they are so cute!

We paid big buck to have this picture taken and we also got to pet her, it was so neat though, and E loves elephants.

Look at the elephants trunk...Merci must have smelled good=)


Crystal said...

I would love to see this place it looks fantastic! Love the pictures!

amy said...

looks like a neat zoo! what other zoos are free with a membership?