Sunday, August 02, 2009

My son woke up a comedian

My little Ethan. What a character. He made me laugh this morning. 2 times. Not to mention Josh's mooing cow alarm. Ethan loves to smother the cats, rub his face in their fur and make these funny singsong noises to them. So I embraced him and did the same. His response was "Meow"....LOL.
Then it was time to get dressed, so he could got o church early to do lights with daddy. Ethan is very, and I mean very particular with the clothing he wears. I asked him to pick a shirt from the hangers (the nicer shirts he has), he came back with a long sleeve thermal shirt, and a pair of camo shorts...daddy said no way. I've learned if it matches don't fight. So we got him to wear a different shirt. As he looked glaringly at all the shirts hanging, he said I don't like those shirts with those things. I tried to comfort him to the fact his shirt did not have a collar so it was OK. His response "dogs wear collars, people don't"...LOL.

He woke up a comedian or I just woke up in a very good mood for once.

I LOVE that kids and cannot believe I will be celebrating my baby's 5th birthday next week!

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