Monday, June 01, 2009

Take a guess??

My posts seem to be very few lately. Except for my money making ones.
I will have 2 kids home all day long starting Wednesday, I am sure I will have more posts to post about;)

I am also on a mission to paint around here. Starting with the bathroom.
On Ethan's last day of pre-school last week, I took a shopping trip for ME (with housewarming gift cards...even better).
I got a shower curtain, a few different sets of towels and a wall hanging, and only spent $10 real money!!!
I am excited to show you the new look. It is just so grungy in there.
A very light pink color just just looks so blech.
Unfortunately not gonna be able to do anything with the tile floor or tub surround, but I will take painted walls & new deco.

Who want to guess my new bathroom colors....??
Hint: Josh was sick of the purple in our old bathroom, so it is not purple!


Drea said...

hmmm... blue?! orrrr yellow? lol

amy said...


Anonymous said...

Teal and cream?

Crystal said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say sage green :)