Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm still here!

Sometimes I really miss my blog, other times I think maybe I am just done.
I absolutely love looking back at all my post over the years and remembering, all the good and not so good moments in our lives.

{Looking back makes me kinda want to try some Liporexall so I can look like I did back then;)}
But anyway, it seems like lately I have sad, depressed posts, about how hard life is.
I am hoping that will change sooner than later.

But honestly, that is where I am in life right now.
We are having a hard time with our kids, me with even wanting to be home with them.
I hate this season I am in.
Josh and I are trying new things and he knows how I feel.
I would appreciate your prayer and support...and even ideas!
Some days are wonderful, but most are not.
Who said training kids was easy though?;)

So if you have some time, come on over or invite us over for a play date!
We would appreciate the company and encouragement.


amy said...

i'm inviting you over for a play date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could sit and chat with you - beside the new family pool would be nice! How is your personal relationship with God these days? I don't mean church and stuff, I mean your early morning quiet time alone with God?

For me it has often been in the middle of the night, when I get up and cry out to God for help that only He can give.

Hugs and prayers for you.

Beth said...

Hang in there! We'll have to get together soon!

Jen Craun said...

Donna, AMEN. I know precisely this battle. Yay God, you are aware of where you are. I think to save all of our lives, Dave suggested a last-minute vacation to my parents house, where we can also get away for two days. Just thinking about it has renewed my hope this week.

Let's get something on the calendar for early next week??!! We are leaving Thursday for a week + a half, and I want to make a watermelon keg with you...

You guys could come over...and we could work some magic on a full demo/trial run in the kitchen? Weds am would be fabulous for us, if it works for you?? Or, If afternoon is do-able, we could swing Mon, or Tues...