Wednesday, June 03, 2009

10 years ago

10 years ago TODAY I graduated from high school.
So MANY memories from that day and around that time.
I was with my husband at the time, not married obviously, but we had been dating for a few months and luckily he was even my prom date.
(Boy did he look GOOD is his tuxedo)

I miss those days, but am happy where I am today.
A mom, a wife, a homemaker.

Labor Day weekend is our 10 year reunion.
I may or may not go, I didn't have many friends outside of church.


Crystal said...

You should go! I bet it would be fun to see where everyone else is in their lives!

Anonymous said...

The first of my high school reunions that I attended was my 50th. It really was interesting to see the people, even though I had so little in common with them. It was like looking back at a snapshot in time. There were a few surprises in the people who sought me out to say something to me. I think it is an opportunity to take the next step away from something, maybe the next step toward something.

We also have been to Papa Jim's reunions, a few times. Again, not much in common, but very interesting to see the people, what they were and what they have become ... or not!