Friday, June 05, 2009

What do you do?

The first day of Summer break was wonderful. No complaints towards the kids. Angels almost.
2nd day not so much. 3rd day has only started and I don't even have words to say, except that I cannot go another 8-10 weeks like this. Torture, when it should be joyous. I know it should, but I cannot force that. The crying over the breakfast, the clothing, the fighting over everything under the sun, the asking for pop and chips for breakfast, when they know better (thanks daddy for not cleaning up like I asked), the incessant I need you NOW and 2 seconds will not do-I was cleaning the litter box, like I even wanted to, seriously give me a break. There is no one to call, lots to sympathize with me, but where have they all gone? I have lost interest in so much. I feel empty and need to be filled up.


GrammaBear said...

(((hug))) Children are a challenge! Their routine has been disrupted, and they don't quite know what to do with themselves now. Is summer school on the schedule?

Jenna said...

I would say take them someplace... get out and do something, even if it means putting off the chores... go to the park or a museum or anything free where they can burn off steam and really enjoy themselves... and hopefully you can enjoy them too (and remember why you don't want to kill them). I'm sure that if you're daunted by another 8-10 weeks, they probably are too.

Renata said...

I remember starting off a day with whining and complaining, etc. I wondered how I would get through the day. Well, it ended up it wouldn't last all day like I thought it would. (either that or I have gotten used to it).
It won't be this way for 8 weeks. Just hang in there and you'll do fine. And you can call me. Maybe a trip across town will help break the cycle. Let me know if you need my # again.

Give them some chores too. I remember cleaning out the litter box at Merci's age!