Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is my next step?

As most of you know or have heard me mention, my youngest child will be going to Kindergarten next year, errr, um this year, less than 5 months to be exact. I am a bit disheveled thinking about this. I am a SAHM, and how can I be a SAHM with no kids at home?? What will I do? Seriously. I am sure the first few weeks will be nice, but then...what will I do??

I am trying to decide if getting an unstressful job in retail or something, OR go back to school. The problem with school is I have no idea what Id do, what I want to do etc.

So should I start collecting applications or buy some textbooks???

So many decisions, but maybe I should just get through the Summer first.


Beth said...

Homeschool them! heehee

VICTORIA said...

I know what you mean, I started a membership to Curves this year with my spare time when the tots are at preschool, and next year the same, probably, I work evenings, so when the kids are in school all day in a couple years, my plan is to work nightshift, so I can work more, and sleep when they are at school, but be around for the important times, like dinner, and sports. It's a real juggling act I tell ya!

amy said...

i think you'll find you have plenty to do. it's not like your kids and hubby will stop needing you now. but if you find that you have extra time and energy, go for it - whatever IT is!!

Anonymous said...

If it is half-day Kdgtn, you won't even have much time from drop off to pick up, so you could always start with the part time job of working on your house! Needless to say a new home has a lot of demands, and maybe you will find that it is relaxing and fun to do the little things that you would otherwise wish you had time to finish (like the flower pots and the yard). Then, after your youngest is in first grade (full time school), you can make a decision as to whether you would like to take on more responsibility.