Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't judge me by the mess in my basement

I am so extremely grateful and appreciative of my husband.
He has shown me a side of him I have only seen about 10% in the past 8 years.
All these home projects he has done have way surpasses my expectations.
I always knew he was handy, but the motivation was not his OWN home, so now his true colors are shining forth!

Here are some pictures of the basement.
Keep in mind this is only the 5th day he has worked down there, and that is not full days either.

The before pictures are on his camera out in the truck, out in the pouring here are the current pictures, as of this morning.

The list of things he has done to get to this point is a mile long, I won't bore you;)

Without further ado, see for your self:

coming down the step from side entrance and kitchen

Bottom of steps, entrance to new TV room

Far Right wall when you walk into the new room,
this is the wall the built in entertainment unit will be.
It's gonna be GREAT!
(That door is my current pantry)

This is looking from the above wall, so the left corner
of this picture in the entrance to the room
(the space behind the wall will be a full bathroom, phase 2)

This wall is the wall you face when you enter the room, the part
that is not framed will be a built in shelving unit for movies, video games etc.

This is the BEAUTIFUL wood that was what we found when we ripped the ceiling out.
We are going to keep the rafters as the ceiling for now, we may paint all the rafters black, but the wood is so nice, it won't look bad.


Beth said...

Very impressive! We need to borrow Josh for a day or two to guide us through a few small projects.

Mike and Amy said...

Yay! You have a basement! It will be a lot of fun - just enjoy the process. The "TO DO" list will always be long, but the way you approach each project will build a memory in your little house of dreams.

Jason said...

Dude, it's really coming along!