Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coupon Brag!

I really love using coupons and saving $.
I get really mad at people when I see them with the same products, and know they could be getting them for free or VERY cheap.
I want to tell them all about what I do.

Here is my run down from Giant Eagle today.
I saved $14.40 in coupons alone. My out of pocket was $18.20

I got sour cream for $0.40 (Breakstones) x2
I got Breyers ice cream for $1.00 x2
I got toilet paper for FREE x2
I got hand soap for $0.30
Eggo waffles for $0.75 x2

A few more things, only 1 that I did not have a coupon for (chorizo sausage for a recipe).
It feels so good!

Want to know how I do this??
Feel free to ask!!


Drea said...

They are having TRIPLE coupons this week at Harris Teeter.. i am going monday and plan to rack up :) im excited, hehe

Sarah said...

awesome job...those things are on my list of things to get on my once a month trip to GE :) also, try aldi's chorizo next time. i got some and it was so cheap. what are you making with it?