Monday, April 13, 2009

It is off, did you even know it was on??

A little over 3 weeks ago, Merci went roller skating with her friend for a birthday party. While she was there a bigger boy stood on her foot while getting up to stand, he had a roller skate on (ouch). Merci refused the parents attempt to bring her home, and because her foot didn't look swollen or anything nobody even thought it was broken.
We didn't even take her to the ER for x-ray's till Monday morning, the accident happened Saturday night. Such bad parents, I know. But Merci does have a tendency to be dramatic, so we just wanted to make sure.

She broke the metatarsal bone.

Today was 3 weeks since she got her bright pink cast on and because the healing was going well, no further cast is needed, but she needs to be very careful, no running, jumping, etc, etc....

Merci was very nervous about the cutting off of the cast.
The tech showed her on his skin that the blade does not cut, and then offered to show her on her skin, she freaked out. My mom volunteered and Merci was still scared, my chicken little!
Ethan is covering his ears because of the vacuum attached to the blade hose was loud.

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Crystal said...

That's the shortest amount of time I've heard of a cast being on. Yay Merci for getting it off!