Sunday, April 19, 2009


No it is not my birthday. That was a few months ago. But I realized a few things in my deep thoughts lately.

I am 28 and...

I will never experience having my first child again, that experience is almost 9 years past.
(What an awesome experience it was, and growing further and further blurry in my head).
Soon I won't even be able to pick up my 2nd baby, more than half my height and 32 pounds.
Soon I will encounter a whole new part of my life. A mom with all her kids in school.
Soon I will be married for 9 years, then 10, and so on...
Soon I will see grown-ups, I last saw 10 years ago, still kids in most ways.
Soon I want to find new parts of my destiny.
Soon I WILL be more like Him.
Soon I WILL learn to be a better mom
a better wife
a better friend
a better me
Soon the shadows will be gone.


Drea said...

Good post.. it puts into perspective how short life is... goes by very fast..

FlipFlop Mom said...

I can agree to this in so many ways!!! I'm at the point where I'm really realizing life has passed before my eyes in many areas of my life... some happy.. some sad...

Melissa said...

Life is very short indeed. I get sad everytime I think of how big Gavin is soon the day will come when I cant hold him anymore!

Mike and Amy said...

Soon, we should get together :)