Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So many Laughs

I recently got the opportunity to review Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa video game for Wii.
(Yep, we are one of the lucky ones who have the Wii for a few years now).

But let me tell you how much fun the hubby and I had testing out this video game!
(We are being frugal and are going to gift this to the kids for Christmas, so instead of them testing it out we did!!)

I am positive the kids will enjoy this game.
It is hilarious.

My absolute favorite is Melman the giraffe ( I am partial to giraffe's anyway), but he uses his legs to fly like a helicopter and at this one part of the game he usies his head to get rid of these gopher things, kinda like whacka mole...I laughted so hard I could barely do the task.

Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and King Julian are sure to make this a entertaining event for the whole family!

And not only is it fun and funny to play.
There are some great "teaching" moments in it.

Throughout the game you have to collect coins and then you can shop at the Duty Free Shop...I bet your kids don't know anything about duty use this as a teaching moment!

The places you visit are a watering hole, volcano, African Savanah, and the Jungle, so new environments will also give you opportunity to teach your kids about unique environments.

Along with the main, story game you play there are alos a number of small arcade games.
This video game is definitley action packed!

We give it a A!!

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Stam House said...

Sounds like a fun game! We don't have a wii but we have a nintendo (remember Mario!!!!) yap still stuck in the old game LOL

Ps what's a wii anyways and what's special about it!