Thursday, December 11, 2008

Q is for...

Yesterday I was cleaning of the front of the refrigerator..simplifying, removing old pictures, old magnets giving a good wipe down. I saw that all the letters from the Leap Frog Word Whammer were dirty, so I wanted to clean them.

I turned it into a game with E.
He found the letters put them into the whammer to hear what sound they made and then I would clean them...and line them up nicely and in order, since I am anal like that.

He did very well.
We went over all the sounds letters make and he even gave examples of words that started like that.
I was very excited to see how much he knows, since I do not practice with him as much as I should. are some of his example:

Q says Quala (Koala)...LOL
I says i (short sound) egg...

Why does the English language have to be so hard...becasue he was kind right...sound wise.

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