Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fake vs, Live

I am not sure if I am happy to say it, but this is the first year I have experienced a fake tree.
I have always had live ones, even as a kid, I think we may have had a fake a few times before I left the house, but I was always against it.

My aunt is moving and her tree would have not fit in her new home.
So I took it.
First to save some money cuz I always fall in love with the pricier ones;)
And because not having to vacuum a million times a day, AND because with 2 FRISKY 6 month old kittens, I thought it may be a good idea.

Here is my pro's and con's list, picture to come tomorrow:)


*Very sturdy, kittens have climbed it, slept in the branches, I've leaned on it to hang stuff etc, not falling over!
*Because of all the above poking and prodding, you'd think there'd be needles all over...NOPE...I love it!
*I didn't have to wait for hubby to come with me to Home Depot (our traditional purchasing place) I drug the tree in and put it up all by myself, when I wanted to! (It was kinda heavy, but I managed)
*I can bend brnches to be in the places I want them to be while strategically placing the ornamnets, or bend the branches out of the way for the oposite reason!
*Because of above bending there is literally NO bare spots, and I don't have to trim uneven branches, like I am Edward Scissorhands.
*After Christmas, and when moving time approaches, I will not have to lug the tree throught hte house to the treelawn, while polluting my carpet with prickly needles.
*Becasue the tree was pre-lit (mostly) putting lights on was much easier.
*This is the biggest most beasutiful tree I have ever had!!!
*The darn thing is STRAIGHT, with out any fight!!!


*No beautiful piney smell aroma when I walk into the room.
*When a tree is supposed to be pre-lit and you plug in all the plugs and there are strands out in different areas, you aren;t going to check all the darn bulbs to find the culprit, so your gonna have to string lights anyway...RRRR.
(It was free, can I complain??)
*I feel like a cheater.
*No beautiful piney smell aroma when I walk into the room...sigh.
(I don't think I can get past this, but for this year I will.)


Wendy said...

I always contemplate getting a fake tree then I just can't. We only paid $20 for ours this year. Good deal since it was freshly cut:) If someone offered me a fake one for FREE I would definitely go for it. Especially since my allergies have been AWFUL since bringing this little bugger in here.

amy said...

i love live trees and always had them as a kid. now we have a fake b/c of all the reasons you mentioned plus being able to keep it up for a long time. i think we're going to end up with more than one tree and put the live one in the tiled entry.(no vacuuming!) but we'll wait for next year so braelynn has the live tree childhood experience, too.

Beth said...

You forgot a pro... you will not suffer from any sinus headaches bc there is a live tree in your house. (That is my #1)

Jenna said...

I grew up with a fake tree, had a real one a few times and are now back to a fake one. The main reason for me is that I like to put it up Thanksgiving weekend... and leave it up through New Years. You can't really do that with a real tree (unless you want all of the needles on the floor!). I have been tossing around the idea of getting a second tree for our entry way that is live (and not cut). You can only have those in the house for a few days and you have to dig the whole before it freezes the fall before. But I think (if it lived) that it would be a great way to remember our Christmases as we grew a little pine forest in our yard!

Renata said...

I would think Yankee Candles has a pine scent. You wouldn't need to get a jar, just a votive or two.