Thursday, December 11, 2008

I cannot BELIEVE it

I seriously cannot believe I registered my son for Kindergarten today.
Tomorrow is the deadline for a guaranteed spot in the charter school my kids are going to.
I wanted to cry, I almost did.

The secretary was even in unbelief that he is actually old enough.
But yep, my little baby boy will be 5 on Aug 10.

I am empty nesting.
What will I do??
(oh forget it, I will have PLENTY to do)

Where does time go?


Stam House said...

That picture is adorable!!!!

Melissa said...

What a great photo! Your kids a gorgeous!!

Crystal said...

Awww! Yep, they are growing too fast!

amy said...


amy said...


FlipFlop Mom said...

They are so adorable!!!!!
I remember those days..
I had just had my son.. and it seemed like a week later.. my daughter was off to school for the first time!! I felt awful at first.. like I was shoving her away since her baby brother came.. but.. she's one of those crazy kids that LOVES school.. and still does!!!
Then my son went.. and it was nice to have a few hours a day to grocery shop.. and do other things without carseats.. and "in and out".. Ü

Margo said...

Your kids are so beautiful! You should have another one! ;)