Monday, July 30, 2007

The weekend is OVER

UPDATE: has a new post!

The weekend is over and now I am back to having only 2 kids. (confirmation: I am a 2 kid more). I was glad to help out by watching them but, but without Josh here for 2 days really stunk.

My hubby is home and safe and happy! He got his time away and had a fun little adventure! Back to work for him.

I have a ton to do this week. I have been slacking lately. I am thinking of doing a Workin' it Wednesday list this week. Maybe you can join me??

I will post the challenge on Tuesday night, so check back!

I really miss my camera=( I love posting pictures. I had the cutest thing to take a picture of today, but no camera=(

I walked out the side door and Ethan is in his wagon with 3 dump trucks piled on his lap, Merci tied her jump rope from her bike to the wagon handle and was pulling him. How cute is that??

Have a great day!

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Crystal said...

Workin' it Wednesday, is that like a workout thing or a I have to get it done today thing? Yer kids are too cute :)