Friday, February 23, 2007


This morning I was listening to 95.5 The Fish, the local Christian radio station ( The ONLY morning show acceptable for the little ears I have in the car!) They have been talking about this family that is battling some pretty huge battles. They have a 6 year old little girl who is battling an adult form of lung cancer which has returned after a liver transplant, on top of that her father who had a great job had to quit due to having the same cancer ( he is awaiting a transplant). My heart was breaking as I was listening. They had just announced this morning that they will be auctioning off 4 Alive VIP tickets with backstage advantages with a whole lot of other perks.

They will be giving the money raised to this family. Boy do they need it. The medication this little girl is on is NOT covered by insurance and cost $3,200 a month. Not to mention all the other cost they are incurring.
The reason I am writing about this is because as I was listening my heart was broken. I was sobbing in the car, as God was speaking to me.

HOW can God have so much grace, merci (haha I can't even spell it right anymore!), love, etc etc, when he is so hurt with us an by us.
Just think, He IS hurting with us daily, even over our petty little problems, he hurts with this family, he hurts just as much as that little girl, he is hurt by us when we are not walking with him, he is hurt by us when we choose to not listen, he is hurt beyond imagine when others choose against him or decide to turn on Him. Just think of all the hurt he suffers daily, yet He is just and fair and loving and merciful and graceful and perfect and so many many more wonderful t hing to us.

How does He do it??
And why can't we just get it right if he is all these perfect things.
He is broken yet is so incredibly put together.

I love you Jesus, keep breaking me!
Daily I want to learn to be more like you, I will strive to be more like you all of my days.


Beth said...

:) I agree.

Gina said...

I listen to the fish too! Thank you for the lovely post. I hope I have the courage to always be asking that He break me.

More Than a Feeling said...


I could hear your heart. I think God has the grace and mercy not just because He is God - but because he's a parent. I've only been a parent for 5 months and I've already experienced the fear of my daughter being hurt. And I try to think if she were to ever hurt me - that I might be hurt for a moment, but I would forgive her and forget it in a second and just love her all the more. Every hurt that she has or I have causes MORE love for her. So now you've got me wondering... that if God is this way too... His example of being a parent is so perfect - which means HIS LOVE pours down all the more

Ó Seasnáin said...

It's always good to hear the perspective from a parent on issues such as this. I think that you think differently than those of us who have not crossed that threshhold (a good thing).

Margo said...

Oh, so true. He is such a wonderful Savior!