Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lots to say

Where do I start??

1.) Ethan will NOT have to be a pirate baby! That translates into-Ethan will NOT need a patch on his eye, at this time. He seems to be improving and his eyes are actually working together now! Thanks for all the prayers, but don't stop!

2.) Merci lost her other top tooth, which makes for the cutest little smile=)

3.) Since the last picture of the dining room, we had to patch all the cracks, holes and imperfections. There were LOTS. We have old plaster walls so there were cracks from the top of the walls to the bottom. YUCK. After 3 applications of plaster, they are looking as smooth as they can! Last night we finished the priming all the walls again, on top of the plaster.

(This is just one wall)

We plan on getting the whole dining room finished today. Josh should be off due to the rain, but we will see.

Oh yeah! Ethan started making the funniest scruchy faces lately. How CUTE!


Crystal said...

Merci looks sooo grown up! And OMG Ethan you are too funny!

Kimber said...

LOVE LOVE the scrunchy face :) And so glad to hear he won't be looking like a "pirate"...we'll keep praying

Merci looks adorable too!!

Can't wait to see the finished Dining Room - it is sometimes tons of work - but so worth it in the end :)

Bek said...

ethan! u are too cute! iz has been doing those same faces! aren't little boys this age the best? and murse, she looks so old! wowzers. :) yeah!! about ethan's eye and good job with all the'll pay off!

Jason said...

No Pirate! ...I'll have to return the parrot feed and long swords I got for Ethan.