Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I can't believe it, but we started!

This was around 7 Pm last night.

This was before 11 PM last night.
1st coat of primer DONE!

I am so excited Josh forced me into starting this long journey of painting our home.
I know I will be ecstatic when it is all done. I love it already!!
It is so clean and refreshing.
One room of hideous walls GONE!!



Crystal said...

It looks great you guys!

Emily said...

That's great Donna...it's looking good!

Bek said...

hey proud of u guys - its not always easy to take that first step! - what color is the dining room gonna be??

Jason said...

Hey, I have that same shovel I see in the backyard!

amy said...

alright! the house will look transformed! keep up the work - i can't wait for the party! ;)

Angela said...

Cool!!! Looks like you got a GREAT start!!! How exciting=)