Sunday, March 05, 2006

My birthday present!

This is Cugly (cuddly and ugly put together), my puppy! He was my birthday present!
Cugly is a Puggle. He is a new breed, a mix between a Pug and a Beagle.
I love pugs for some reason, even though they are ugly. I think it is the wrinkly little face and all the extra skin. When I saw this breed of dog on the Tyra show, I fell in love.
I don't really care for Beagles very much (only Petey), but I do love their floppy ears. So this dog is the perfect mix for me. Yesterday was my birthday and I had told Josh that I wanted to go to the mall and get my ring cleaned and hold a puppy! Well there sitting in the window was a Puggle, just waiting to be held by moi! He was the cutest thing ever! As soon as the guy handed him to me he laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. AWWWW! What a sweet little pup!
BUT if you want to see him, we will be keeping him at the pet store until we are ready for a puppy!


O'Seasnain said...

Wow! So now you have a dog and a cat? Ethan's going to be thrilled at how many pets he can feed from his plate.

Donna said...

Didn't you read the last line Mike??
I was just kidding we didn't buy the puppy! I am not ready for anything else to take care of!

Jason said...

Oh snap, I missed that last line at first, too.

I would rather call the breed a "Puggle". For some reason a Poogle makes me think of a "poo" flavored bagel...and that's just gross to think about.

Donna said...

Ok I am an idiot, Poogle is what Josh and I were making fun of. He is a PUGGLE, not a poogle, I
changed it on my blog oops!

And jason about the whole painting thisng, our dining room isn't red, it is like an orangy redish brown. I thought you were painting your room red??

bmoss said...

Awww! I love that mix too. I have always heard them called Bugs. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Kimber said...

Happy Birfday to you...Happy Birfday to you...sorry you didn't get that "cute" puppy ;) (even though I am not a dog lover - he does look cute)...But hope this year is filled with unexpected blessings and joy :)

Bless ya girl!

Bek said...

Happy Birthday! how cute is that puppy....did u think about buying him?

Donna said...

Definately thought about buying him, and still do. I just know I wouldn't be able to handle it. Pooping, peeing, hair all over...uggg! I am not a dog person either, I just like em when they are little=)

nursemomof4 said...

What an adorable little guy! I loved my little Evie, but they are a handful!

Mark D said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

That puppy is CUUUUUUTE!!!

I heard about the new breed on the news a while back, but never saw one. They truly are adorable. :)