Friday, February 10, 2006

18 months

Ethan Chase is 18 months old today! Kind of sad in a way, and very exciting in many others!
23 lbs. (15% down from 20%) 32 3/4 inches (64% up from 55%)
Head 46 cm (9% down from 17%)
for those moms who want to compare=) He is an itty bitty boy!
Today I got a free diaper in the mail from Pampers, it was a newborn one. It was so tiny,it made me want to cry. Baby days are gone for us here at our house. We don't feel like we are supposed to have anymore, so Ethan is our BABY! And at 1 1/2 can he really be called a baby??
18 months brings on a whole new world. Yeah, from the time he was born he has been learning so much, but now is when you realize how smart they really are. In the last week Ethan has begun to make a ton more sounds than he ever has. Ethan has been content with saying very little, until now. In the last week he has learned what a cow says, what a sheep says, he can point to any part of his face when asked where is...?, he can say ball, pretty and my. And so much more. He has been fascinated with all of his books, not for the story but for us to point out what things are. He is just absorbing EVERY word we say! He is amazing!

I love you my little man!


Crystal said...

Oh my 6 more months he'll be 2!!! Man time flies. Oh yeah, and in March it will be 6 months for me and Caleb! It really is a small amount of time compared to the eternity we will spend with our God!

nursemomof4 said...

Aren't they so wonderfully amazing! I simply adore mine!

Bek said...

we love u ethan -- you're all growed up! :)

Drea said...

I know isnt it sorta... depressing lol. I mean not really.... SAD SAD. But sometimes you just wish time would SLOW DOWN! Just a perfect example of how short life is and how long eternity will be. Makes me glad I know where I am going.

Caleb is 17 mo. old so Ethan is close in age w/ him. They'd play so good together!

Caleb loves pointing at faces as well... only thing is... he thinks its hilarious to JAB our eyes when he points at those... He laughs every time... even when I tell him no. He think its a game. He will learn eventually.

Off to brush Calebs toofers!

Kimber said...

awwww - what a great post Donna :)

I so wish we could freeze time sometimes...

Enjoy every minute as I know you do :)

A Stack said...

Wow Donna, you do such a good job and are such a good mom. You cherish your kids, and that is so wonderful!