Monday, February 13, 2006

I couldn't dodge the tag forever!

Thanks Ang for tagging me, I guess. Well it will give me something to do anyway.

4 Jobs I've had

*The Pretzel Oven/ Original Cookie Co. *579 *Sportmart *Tropic Sun (candy store in the mall)

4 Movies I can watch Over and Over

*Everafter *Rush Hour *Finding Nemo *Baby Einstein=)
4 Places I've lived

*Cleveland, Ohio *Berea, Ohio at BW *Parma, Ohio *North Royalton, Ohio

4 Shows I like to Watch

*House *prison Break...yeah it starts again this week!! *Beauty and the Geek The geeks are so cute=) *NCSI

4 Foods I Like

*homeade tacos *Olive Garden salads *ice cream *Krispy Kreme donuts...fresh only!
4 Websites I visit daily

*friends blogs *charterone *Merci's school...for homework *e-mail
4 Things I Want to do Before I Die

*go to Africa as a missionary, helping with the birth of children or handling infants *See my children walk the path opposite of most teenagers this day *See my husband make his new business successful, and not have to work hard all of his life *Have a beautiful home of our own!

4 bloggers I am tagging

*Nurse Mom *My hubby *Rebekah *??


Emily said...

I thought Prison Break wasn't back on until March?

Jason said...

I've heard House is good. What is it about? Ooh, and I'm almost caught up with Prison Break...I need until March so I'm not behind.

Kimber said...

It was fun learning more about you girly ;) So funny that you check the school website daily - I do too - but then it is really helpful to really KNOW what all their homework is SUPPOSE to be ;)

I've only seen "House" a few times, but really liked it :) Jason...rom what I is about a brilliant doctor who takes on 'unusal' cases...(unknown viruses, life-threatening kinda stuff usually) but lacks a bed-side manner FOR SURE! And yet really CARES about doing his job..kind of thing...I think you would love his character - very dry humor at times...good stuff..

Anyway - Donna I love Krispy Kreme dougnuts - but never stop there, cuz I could eat 3 or 4 of them without blinking...HA HA!!!

Fun post girl!

Donna said...

Yeah Em, Prison Break is not back this week, I just checked the TV guide. I need to find out when it is back, I can't wait.

Donna said...

I hear ya Kimber,Josh brought home a dozen the other day. I won't tell how many I ate!

Remember that 6 lbs I lost a few months ago. Well it is back. I don't have self control when it comes to eating. Now that I am getting older, unfortunatley, I need to gain some I think!

Bek said...

donna - you worked at 579?? that is great - is that place around any more? i used to love it. krispy kreme and olive garden salads - me too me too! now i'm starving!!! and i LOVE your first dream of what u wanna do before you die!!! awesome!

A Stack said...

Woohoo Original Cookie company! those were the days...thanks for getting me my first job was such a good thing for me at the time-the only regret I have is that I still can't eat cookies, but I guess that's a good thing-hey, maybe we should all get a job at Krispy Kreme!