Monday, February 27, 2006

A few things to pray about!

On Wednesday Ethan goes for another follow-up for his eyes. If they aren't better than last time, he will be getting a patch on his good eye. I am kind of ok with this because all of the research I have done says it works so much faster than glasses in correcting his lazy eye. But I know I will start crying because as a mommy we all know how hard it is to see our babes "look funny". So pray with me that Ethan's sight has improved. He has been keeping his glasses on so much better than last time I updated you all, so that is a good thing! I will let you know the outcome.

On Thursday my mom will be having surgery. So keep her in your prayers that everything goes well!

Talk to you all soon!!


Bek said...

Lord, come correct lazy eye - faster than ever!!! thanks for letting us know about this (and about your mama)....LOVE YA

Jason said...

Who's got good eyes?
One time, Baby E.
Who's got good eyes?
Two times, Baby E.
I heard one thing - what I heard is...
I heard about good eyes, and I think their his.

Okay, I'm seriously weird today. Someone fell off the crazy tree and hit every branch.

Donna said...


Kimber said...

We'll be praying...

Keep us posted :) Maddie had to have a patch on her eye for a week..I found a picture of her the other it looks so cute..then it was I feel for ya :0)

Let us know!

O'Seasnain said...

Great news about Ethan. Give us an update about your mom. Hope everything is good.