Monday, January 09, 2006


*I had an idea in mind for a post...forgot it.

*Came down here in the basement
( I sent Josh out to play pool..needed some computer time LOL).

*Downloaded lots of picture from my camera
too many cute ones to share!

*Want to dabble in digital scrapbooking. Already
downloaded some backgrounds, just don't
know what to do!?!

*Looking at my calendar and seeing how many bills we have to pay
Wishing we had enough to pay ALL of them...sigh.

*Now I am wishing Josh had a normal 9-5 job... or any hours for that
matter. One that pays on a regular basis, one that will give us w-2's.
Oh this is something I cannot think about!

*Remembering God is in control!

*Remembering God is in control!

*Remembering God is in control!


Bek said...

ahhhhhh, yes, and aren't those last 3 points the best!?? :) also in sos, we learn about how His left hand is under our head and His right hand embraces us. the right hand is the things we SEE Him doing. the left hand is under our head, or behind us. its holding us, but the things He is doing, we cannot SEE yet, but we trust.....

Autumn said...

praying for you Donna... I KNOW how you feel!

Kat said...

I, too, KNOW what you mean. just got done paying my bills. but i didn't really get 'done' -- i still have plenty of bills to pay, just no money to pay them with :(

*Remembering that God is in control!

hang in there, girl. God sees and CARES!!!

Jaime said...

sigh... I hear ya on the bills! There are always bills waiting for us to get money to pay them. The stack is never empty!

I'm trying to remember that God is in control as to when Miss Rylee will arrive! :)

M. C. Pearson said...

Boy do I understand! My husband works 12 hrs almost every night but it is for a temp service and temps are the first to be laid-off when the company needs to save money.

Yep, I recite that a lot: GOD IS IN CONTROL. He never puts you through anything you cannot handle. And He does have reasons for the things that happen...sometimes you never find out, sometimes you find out years later, and sometimes you just understand right away...I always try to say, "Not my will, but Yours, Lord."