Tuesday, June 14, 2005



So today I was yelling at my wonderful daughter. I finish by yelling "and stay in your room until you can shape up!" I slam the door behind me leaving my finger in there!! OUCH!! The tip of my index finger is all bruised and swelled up, I think the nail may fall off. I want to cry. It hurts so bad. Try changing diapers, picking babies up, typing ...gee I have used it like 10 times on accident and it hurts so bad!! I guess I've learned to not flip out and slam doors anymore!! Lord, giv eme patience and grace with my daughter, just as you give to me everyday. Lord help us to become close as mother and daughter, Jesus bless my relationship with her. Help me to cherish her and who she is!! Amen!!


Angela said...

Mother/daughter relationships have to be the most challenging ones there are. I will be praying for Ethan tomorrow...let me know how it goes.

Autumn said...

Yes, let us know!

Hope your finger feels better soon! I had a nail fall off when I was in first grade. I had a great time grossing out all my classmates. :)

Bek said...

Ethan, I am praying for you today!!

Toni said...

Patience is a virtue Donna!!!! calm down little one.... she is watching how you handle situations!!!!