Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lovely Spring Break

I am so happy that the weather has been beautiful!! Spring Break for the kids has been so much fun. Neighborhood friends, far away friends, puppies, zoo, eggshelland, Easter egg hunts and so much more to come!

The kids are growing up right before my eyes. Going to friends houses, not needing mommies constant eye, it has been so hard to watch yet so welcome at the same time. But don't get me wrong, 3-5 puppies (my aunt and I are switching a lot due to different outings we have etc, and trying out all the puppies to see if any are a good fit for us) has got me beyond occupied. My house is so messy and I just can't seem to get anything done. Im exhausted in the eveings, I feel so silly, they are only puppies. But I have enjoyed being a momma to them so very much! Because like I said my kids just don't need me as much (oh there are still plenty they need me for though, don;t get me wrong!), but instead of worrying about my daughter being a pre-teen and needing to shop for the best acne treatment someday soon, I have enjoyed the babiness of the pups!

Ill be back soon to let you know if we keep a puppy for good!!

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GrammaBear said...

Maybe you should consider getting a pedigree dog, one that you can breed and sell the pups?