Friday, April 23, 2010

An announcement!

On Wednesday April 14th we added a new member to our family.
Her name is Sasha and her breed is unknown (speculation include Lab/Boxer/English pointer).
The week before we brought her home we had the opportunity to foster 5 puppies (between my aunt and I). I didn't have intentions of keeping one, but you know how that goes! We decided that we would never get the chance to meet the whole litter of puppes and pick the one we thought would fit in our family the best.

She is doing very well. I am not sick of her yet! She is very well behaved and potty training is going pretty well. She did better last week, but I'm not complaining because for the most part she goes outside.

Here she is!
I love her soft pink freckle belly!

She loves to lay in the grass

Awe! I <3>


amy said...

very cute - how fun for the kids!!

Mom2Amara said...

Welcome Sasha! How's she and the kids adjusting?