Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jet Ski dreaming and complaining

Isn't nice when your auto insurance goes up....even when you haven't done anything bad?
Yeah, I REALLY dislike that. We just got our annual insurance for our jet ski's and it went up, even though we have been insured 2 years and nothing has happened. GREEDY insurance companies, I am so sick of them...time for getting some auto insurance quotes...or boat insurance quotes in our instance.

But I am super excited for Summer to be here so we can tak our jet ski's out!!!! I am not super excited we have to buy all ne wlife jackets...thanks hubby...I mean seriously what did you think, they were going to sink or something??? (When my husband got into the marina the last time we use the ski's last year he noticed the life jackets had come undone from the back where he tied them...and never went back to get them $100 worth of life jackets...floating in the lake somewhere!) Nope I don't hold grudges;)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, shop around, get some more quotes. For most people it pays to shop around for insurance, the prices can vary widely.

And, Josh is so lucky to have you, so patient with his flaws. :D