Monday, February 15, 2010

My Weekend

It is 10:25 am as I sit here and type this. Kids are off school today, and luckily are old enough to know how to turn on the TV because I needed my beauty rest today (I wouldn't wan any dark under eye circles would I ??)
Anyone know any remedies for the last few years I have developed this and never before had I dealt with those nasty circles.
We had a busy weekend of late nights and lots of running around. Even the kids slept till about 8:30.

Friday night
-we had our family birthday celebration dinner, 2 birthdays in February, my lovely grandma on the 14th and my baby brother TODAY...HE will be 21!! Also Merci slept over a friends house.

lazy day, but in the evening we dropped the kids of to my MIL (2 sleepovers in one weekend for Merci) and then went to a dinner at a friends house and then left to go to a lovely friends birthday party at a super cute Martini Bar, a LATE night but so much fun.

Josh and I were lazy and stayed in bed way too long, him asleep, me awoken by 2 texts at 8 AM (thanks mom), but it was nice to be leisurely about getting up and ready. I played me some City Life and painted my nails, showered without having to hurry and then we went and had a yummy breakfast at The Original Pancake House...MMMM. Then I went to pick kids up while Josh helped my lil brother move some stuff to his new apartment. Then we came home I made dinner and then headed out to get some great deals on plants at the plant sale after the Home and Flower show was over. (Picture to come!!)

And now it is Monday and I'm a going to relax and be lazy...or take the kids to the Rainforrest ...haven't decided yet.


Rachel H. said...

Did you go to the rainforest? We did...EARLY. And so glad we went early. IT WAS PACKED! WHEW!

But very cute and the kids had a good time!

Crystal said...

As far as the dark circles go, I've had them all my life. Beauty sleep and concealer is all I can say. Eye creams do not work. They make the skin soft but don't get rid of the circles. Liquid concealer works the best at hiding them during the daytime. Hope this helps!