Friday, February 05, 2010

Ethan Eye update

My son has had to wear glasses since he was 1. We go back to the doctor every 3-4 months.

On our last visit a few weeks ago, they decided to see if he could read letters instead of pictures.
He is a big boy now and knows all his letters...and has, but they have always had him look at pictures. I was so happy that he'd be able to make this step up in the world, and new he would feel proud too.

The tech turned on the screen got him at the right height in his chair and asked him to "read" the letters...I immediately saw the wheels turning in my little Kindergartners head...the poor kids was trying to sound out the series of letters instead of say one at a time...SO CUTE. After I realized he was trying to sound them out I explained to him that we only read one letter at a time. After that mix up he did very well.

Ethan's eye are very close to being the same strength, his bad eye is only about 2 lines difference that his good eye...AND he can see 3D which is with amblyopia usually cannot see 3D!! So yeah for my little guy.

Our plan is to keep patching, but BE MORE CONSISTENT...and we HAVE to do 2 hours...we usually get into a bad rut of 1 hour or forgetting all together, so we need to step up our game a bit...and if we do, he gets a Summer vacation from the patch...and maybe forever!

Since his appointment 3 weeks ago, we have only missed 2 times, so we are doing well!!


Stam House said...

Good job :-)

Melissa said...

Good luck with the eye patch!! I remember when we had to patch one of Gavin's eyes. Ugh, it was the worst. He hated having it on, and most of the time we couldnt last the whole time it was supposed to be on. Hopefully everything is good by summer!

amy said...

good for you guys to take care of this early on! mike has the same vision issues that were never corrected, and he does not have depth perception. he always has to ask me if he's going to hit the next car over when he's parking!

AmblyopiaKids said...

:) I found your blog on a google alert for Amblyopia. Thanks for sharing Ethan's story. If you would ever like to post or guest blog at the Amblyopia Kids blog, let me know!

Rachel H. said...

OH YAY! What a CUTE little guy. Seriously, so sweet. I can just imagine what a proud moment that was in the dr's office. :)