Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Last night as I sat on my couch waiting for House to come on, I decided to make a list of things I needed to do! I AM DETERMINED TO DO THEM ALL!! Wish me luck.

1. Finish grocery shopping
2. Do arm excercise
3. Go to Value World
4. Eat Peanut Butter toast
5. Blockbuster-returns and get new movie( no new movie, I will wait unti l his weekend!)
6. E-mail Beth about Easter, brunch and Egg Hunt here??
7. Craigslist-Travel System and car top carrier
8. Study for at least 30 minutes
9. Ebay-Silpada, Shorts, Mustang floor mats... need to research..don't have time today=(
10. Check Blackboard (On-line classes at Tri-C)
11. Go through kids clothes and make list of summer needs.
(Ethan has lots of shorts needs shirts and a few nice outfits)
(Merci has lots of skirts with no matching tops, needs jean shorts and nice outfits)
(Both need sandals...Merci needs swimsuit..Both need summer Pj's)
12. Kiss Ethan and tell him I love him
13. Kiss Merci and tell her I love her
14. Sew bra and tack Ethan's jeans
15. Read 1 Chapter in Woman after God's Own Heart
16. Drink a tall glass of water
17. Do calanders
18. Finish Laundry
19. Call Gabe about Friday..left a message!
20. Pay Home Depot and Household Bank(didn't pay Home Depot but transferred money from ebay pay when transfer is complete!)
21. Take 3 pictures
22. Get list on desk done
23. Let Ethan play Wii Boxing or V Smile
24. 2 thing form each 2 do pile done (actually finished 1 whole pile and did more than 2 from other!!)
25. Pray for Josh
26. Eat an apple
27. Stretch
28. Do puzzles with Ethan
29. Make all beds
30. E-mail Amy, Lisa, Masons, Shae
31. BLOG!
32. Kickboxing class at 6:00...GOOOOOOO!!
33. Mail check to Ins co for Bond
34. Check into TS delivery
35. Drop off monitor and talk to Morales's
*****36. Tastefully Simple shipment is here, organize orders!!
I will update in orange what I have done! last updated 8:51 PM

Yeah so I need to work on the excercising thing...but my butt still hurts from rollerblading (look for a post soon about this!!) 2 days ago, so I cut myself soem slack!!


Crystal said...

#22, you have a list on your list?! LOL. I tried making a list 2 nights ago. My pen ran out of ink. So I went and got another pen and that one ran out within 2 minutes! I guess God was trying to get my attention!

Summer said...

WoW!! That is a big list. It's sound like you got a busy ahead of you. Good luck with getting it all done. I am never good at following lists.

Wendy said...

Look at all the orange! NICE!!!

Bek said...

impressed u did all this in ONE day. wowee. i make lots of lists. everyday. but i am trying to learn not to make my expectations impossible. cuz then i don't get anything done. you however, blow this theory out of the water!