Tuesday, March 06, 2007

R U Wondering?

If you are wondering why there are advertisement posts popping up, it is becasue I have joined PayPerPost. I get paid to advertise on my blog. Someone I know personally has been doing it and recommended it, so I decided, Why not! You get b/w $5 and $10 per post. This really adds up!
So you can look at the sites or you don't have too. I try to pick stuff that I might actually use myself. And I will et you know when I get my first paycheck!! I will be going shopping, for ME=)

On some of the advertisements you will see a button that says get paid to review my posts.
Why not try it and make money for yourself!

This is a great opportunity, it is real and they will even 1099 you at the end of the year!

So please keep reading. I only plan on doing it every other day or so!

I have a really fun video to post later so check back soon!!


Drea said...

ive made like 130 dollars so far i get my 1st check in like 5 days!

Margo said...

Very cool. I might consider this.