Tuesday, April 19, 2011

::Girls gone WILD::

Today I was busy making a gift for my future sister in law! (less than 2 weeks!!!) The bachelorette party is this Saturday-4 days!!, I'm a pretty excited. GIRLS GONE WILD is the theme, and I could definitely use a wild night out!! Going shopping tomorrow for some animal print clothes to go with the theme. We are renting a party bus and we are going to have some FUN! I will definitely be responsible, I don't like to be sick or foolish;)
I cannot wait to share what I made...ssshhh...don't tell, but I made a panty bouquet (haha, check out these camo panties I think my hubby would get a kick out of these! He loves camo). If you want to know more check back early next week! I took some photos and will give you step by step instructions!

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Sarah said...

umm, yes, i would be highly interested in the panty bouquet :)