Monday, April 25, 2011

Bachelorette Party Gift :: How to make Panty Roses::

Here is a great gift idea for a bachelorette party or girls night out or even a cute birthday gift. Ive used it for bachelorette parties and it has been a hit. You can get anything from naughty to nice panties and anything in between!

Here are some pictures and instructions!

You will need to buy some panties! Mix it up! Fun, sexy, lacy, thongs...whatever. Stick to a color scheme or don't. You make the rules. I usually do 6, but you can do a whole dozen if you wish.
You will also need to buy a bunch of fake roses. I got these for less than an $1 at Walmart.
You will also need: straight pins, a vase, foam for the arrangement of the flowers.

You need to roll the panties to make them look like a rose. Each pair of panties, is different roll em up till you get the right look. Pin a few pins into the side where the seam is. Then pin a pin up through the bottom of the plastic Sometimes you need to fold them in half before you roll them.
You will take the green base off the fake roses so you can use it for the base of the panty rose. And detach the stem as well. Push the stem up thru the bottom (push up into the panty in between the roll so you dont ruing the material of the panty)and then put on the green leaf base, and attach with a pin through each petal of the green base up thru the panty to hold into place and keep from unrolling.
(*Some panties just don't look really good rolled up, thinner ones work better, I tried to use a really ruffly pair, white ones in picture above, and they didn't work)
A view from the top

A side view all done

A view of the vase and the 6 panty roses.

A view from the top.

I hope I explained that well. If not, ask me questions!


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