Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can smell the baseball fields

In just a few weeks I will be living at the fields again. 2 kids in 2 different leagues that play at 2 different fields...I have a feeling I will be much busier than last year! I don't mind too much, it is fun, but it does get a little old as the season hit it's peak.
It is time to start buying cleats, pants, softball socks, bats, gloves and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff!

I am looking forward to it for the kids sake, it will keep them occupied and help them run their energy off!

I wonder how Sasha will do at the fields this year?? She was at most games and practices last year, since she was a itty bitty puppy=) We actually got her the first day of Merci's practices last softball season!

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