Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Complaining about the weather;) Just a little bit!

If you are lucky and live in Ohio, you have experienced, a few 30-40 degree weather changes in the past week...crazy...I know. I am super thankful for the little taste of Spring, and think I can make it a few more week until SPRING is here full time...but...I may need to find some good natural skin care because this weather is really doing a number on my skin. I have a few really bad dry spots that just wont go away, and Ive never had them before=( I'm getting old I guess...lol.

30 in 10 days!!! I am excited about it, I really am. A new decade to make better than the last, to grow as a mom, a wife, a friend, to experience things I haven't yet, to take a lovely vacation with my husband, so much to do this decade, I really am excited.

Ill be back later with some pictures of the beautiful ice...yep, I said beautiful ice...and I mean it, but that doesn't mean I like it;)

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