Tuesday, February 15, 2011

::ALL the time::

God is good all the time!! Even when you think you have nowhere to go and no one cares, He shows up. We own a small business and we are all dried up for jobs and all dried up in finances....like don't know how we will buy food or pay bills next week (we don't use credit card, we have a few that are getting paid off and NOT being used). BUT God showed up in the nick of time. Josh happened to call a friend about a new church he was part of and ended up getting an offer to go work with his company on a big project for a week or so. WOOHOO. Oh yeah, and making more money than we would with our business. And when this jobs is done we will be closer to Spring and working weather (the last few weeks have been so cold and icy and snowy working on roofs is not an option).

So, things will be pretty tight for a month or so but after that, it should be smooth sailing. God willing! Oh and we are crossing our fingers for some kind of return from our taxes...and there is a big mistake from last year that will get amended...which could be a really nice amount of $...Here's HOPING!!!

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Rachel Holloway said...

SO TRUE--sometimes it's just that test of faith...
Hoping for many, many good things coming for you! :)