Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your feelings?

How do you feel about those fitness shoes??
First of all I think a lot of them are ugly, but they are coming around. Do you think they really help in your fitness level??
My mother in law has been wearing mbt shoes for a few years due to foot issues.
She says SO MANY people ask her if they work...she at first had no idea what they were talking about...then she realized people were asking her if they toned her legs or helped her loose weight like some other brands advertise.
We always joke that she should make up a story like "You wont believe it but I lost 100 pounds JUST from wearing these shoes, can you believe it??"
Haha that be funny huh??

Anyway...last Wednesday I started back at the gym and in 6 days Ive been there 4 times!!
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can loose some weight and tone up by this Summer!

Do you think I can??


Rachel Holloway said...

those fitness shoes are insane to me! I totally don't get how they work--it's quite silly to me! lol

VICTORIA said...

I agree...and the idea that yoga pants are gonna do the work for you? I dunno. I asked my Husband for ZUMBA for Wii for my Birthday. It's always a struggle for me with our schedules.

Renata said...

I think you can!