Thursday, January 13, 2011

Job looking....still

I am still looking for a job, one that will suit me and my role as a mom. Boy is it hard! I really just want to work at Starbucks (not a finance job or anything), and that doesn't seem to be working out. Bummer. If you know someone who works for Starbucks...I could use a hook up!!;) I know God has a plan for me, but it be nice if he'd clue me in...haha. No worries, I know He will, in time. I'm OK where I am, just want to be doing for for our financial stability, our bills are paid every month, but my husbands job isn't 100% stable, not sure being an owner of your own business is ever very stable.

I wonder if I'll get a job before it is time to have the kids home for the Summer??? Who knows!


Rachel Holloway said...

can you substitute teach? I did that for a couple years and loved it!

VICTORIA said...

Good Luck! I would love to part time work at starbucks just for fun!