Friday, January 21, 2011


I like to think we live a modest life. I am sure there are others who live more modestly, but I think we do pretty well. We have all our needs met and a lot of our wants. If there is something new we want, we usually get it, we don't have much consumer debt, and the small amount we have we are diligently working at while NOT accumulating more. I have a hard time with wanting, Im sure we all do to a point. But my biggest want right now is a luxury vacation. Blue water, white sand, beauty all around. Not a 5 star place with every amenity, just a 4 day paradise getaway. Im not asking for blue diamonds or anything. I just want a honeymoon with my husband, we missed out on this when we got married since we had a 4 month old little girl who needed us. As you know we wished for this for our 10 year anniversary (November), but it didn't happen. So instead I will HOPE for it for our 11 year anniversary that will be on's gotta be special with all those 11's right???;)
AHHHH...a girl can dream!


Rachel Holloway said...

It'll come! The time will come!!! (but dang it, it's hard to wait!)

Wendy & Sherry said...

HI Donna!

Here's to your 11th anniversary trip!

Speaking of which - do you have any craft or recipe posts you'd like to share with our community as a guest blogger? Like the Valentine's Day Pancakes you did for Mom Spark? We are over at and you can follow us on twitter at

Thanks so much!
Wendy & Sherry @kiboomu