Thursday, December 02, 2010

Not bad

Like I mentioned before, I was hoping to get back into things at the gym. I did!! Monday morning!
I'm still sore, Thursday=) Also yesterday a friend and I walked about 2.5 miles or so...even though it was in the 30s and we had a tiny bit of snow flurries. We are good like that=)
For those of you body builders, I found a site that compares different creatine powder. Just in case you were wondering;)

Besides getting a few workouts in, it has been a crazy week.
Monday we found out that Josh's grandma is going downhill quickly. 2 weeks ago she was walking around with her walker and now she is in bed not moving and barely responding to things. She is 93. We were very blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with her and even get a whole huge family picture with everyone in it!
Tuesday the kids go to Awana, so Josh and I got a hour to spend together, we hit a strip of store and got some Christmas gifts!
Wednesday I walked with my friend, shopped, had lunch and watched Biggest Loser at her house, the shopped some more and then Merci has a Christmas concert for band. She started playing trumpet (actually a coronet) at the beginning of the year. She did great!!

Tonight is Ethan Christmas concert, and we get to sit through K-4th singing songs all night...Merci will also play her trumpet again!


I'm ready for an easy weekend!

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