Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Last Friday night Merci went to her first school dance. I know...5th grade seems so young. We deliberated for days on whether to let her go or not. We figured we'd get her dressed up and have Josh take her on a date or something, but Josh needed to go be with his moms and aunt because Grandma was going downhill again (she died on Sunday 12/5).

So we decided to let her go, because of a lot of reasons, #1 parents were encouraged to come, so I went with her. #2 most 8th graders would not be there and from talking to moms, this 8th grade class is not as mature as some. #3 I didn't want her to miss the social aspect of it.

And let me say I am so excited we let her go, but man did it bring back memories and make me what to dance! I didn't know this until we got there, but no slow dancing was allowed, and the kids would get a time out if they didn't anything unacceptable. There were about 50 or so adult to about 100 kids, so it was a great atmosphere for the kids to just have fun! They all danced all night long there was no awkward girls in one corner and boys in the other. I love our school!

While there I realized my brothers wedding is coming QUICK and soon Ill be a dancing queen myself=) Just last week Ethan and Josh went to get fitted for their tuxes...and boy is Ethan going to look so HANDSOME...Josh too;)
All the girls bridesmaid dresses are in, Merci has her dress, so things are getting pulled together quite well. After the new year it will be all about showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties!! Woo hoo!

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VICTORIA said...

Wow! She looks gorgeous! Good for you for going along.